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Workshop I:

Ancient Oils of Egypt


Workshop II:

Ancient Oils of Greece


Workshop III:

Ancient Oils of Rome

Workshop IV:

Ancient Oils of India & Ayurvedic Tradition

Workshop V:

Ancient Oils China

Workshop VI:

Ancient Oils of the Bible

Workshop VII:

The European Renaissance of Oils

A seven part educational series focussing on the use of "essential oils" in its many historical forms. We will explore the ancient wisdom of the oils and how various cultures have harnessed the healing and spiritual power of plants.

Each workshop is LIVE and online, with additional content in the Workshop Section of this page.

The workshop is FREE to members of the Raven's Nest Essentials Community and only $15.  for any non-members.

Did you miss one part of the Series?  It is OK to jump in at any stage in the program and still receive all of the content from any missed meetings.

See below for Registration and a brief description of each workshop in the Series.

Instructor: Kari Hoskins Barrera


Guest Instructor: Joan Sberro

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