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A five part educational series accompanying you through the I Am Fabulous protocol for emotional well-being.

Join our partner, Diana Webb of Wellness Is Essential  as she walks us through the stages of this beautiful and incredibly empowering protocol to help us to release what holds us back and step into our own power and light.  Diana has the unique gift of sharing her journey and bringing connection and authenticity to each of these workshops.

Each workshop is LIVE and online, with additional content in the Workshop Section of this page.

The workshop is FREE to members of the Raven's Nest Essentials Community and only $10.  for any non-members.

Part I & II do not have recordings associated with them, however the materials, recipes and availability of rollerballs is available. Parts III - V will be available as recordings and of course, LIVE.


Author, Speaker, Healer, Desiree Mangandog has brought together a powerful combination of Chinese Medicine, Herbalism and essential oils to support our emotional well-being in her first of many books, I Am Fabulous.  

Do yourself a favor and visit here site, sign up for her workshops and definitely invest in her books.  She has a lively facebook group and instagram account that serve as ongoing resources as well.  You will find yourself drawn into her vivacious, spunky and positive energy while you are learning and expanding your own toolbox of emotional health resources.

Instructor, Wellness Advocate and all around wonderful woman, Diana Webb shared the following with us regarding her Fabulous Journey.

I discovered I Am Fabulous shortly after I started using doTERRA essential oils when I was looking for support with emotional self-development. I realized right away that I needed to start implementing these supportive essential oil blends and share my journey with others. With the Release Your Fears blend I was able to uncover the source of what was holding me back from becoming my best self. As I progressed to Soothe the Soul I felt the support I needed to continue my healing journey. I uncovered my purpose and explored my why with On My Path. These blends have freed me and helped me embrace my personal transformation and see that I was meant to guide others with this amazing system too!

Now I always keep I Am Fabulous in my purse for an instant confidence boost. My favorite blend is Momentum and it works to keep me building on the progress that I have already made and work to complete projects and make connections.

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