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A seven part educational series dedicated to the exploration of the traditional use and benefits of essential oils as referenced in the Bible.  

Join our partner, Susan Velazquez of Epiphany Essentials as she takes us on a journey through some of the most significant events of the Bible as we move through this seven month journey together.

Each workshop is LIVE and online, with additional content in the Workshop Section of this page.

The workshop is FREE to members of the Raven's Nest Essentials Community and only $15.  for any non-members.

Did you miss one part of the Series?  It is OK to jump in at any stage in the program and still receive all of the content from any missed meetings.

See below for Registration and a brief description of each workshop in the Series.

Click HAND to access exclusive 

Workshop Content Page for Registered Attendees


Oils of the Bible: Seven-part Series

Using Scripture as an historical reference, learn why and how oils were used for anointing and spiritual connection, and how that relates to their medicinal and spiritual use today.

Study the importance of oils in the everyday lives of the ancients through Scriptural and historical references, and how those same oils can be used for healing today.

Gifts of the Magi
Learn the prophetic meaning of the gifts of the Magi through the sourcing and use of Frankincense and Myrrh in the ancient world.

Biblical Skin Care
Explore a biblical basis for self care and the healing power of Bible oils for modern-day use, complete with DIY recipes for your own customized biblical skin care products.

Oils of the Passion
Consider the oils mentioned up to and including the death of Jesus through their references in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Oils of the Resurrection
Conclude the Oils of the Passion with this focus on how the Resurrection completes their prophetic meaning, and how they are used today for medicinal and spiritual healing.

Bible Oils for Children
Explore how aromatic oils speak to our senses and why that is important for learning about Scripture and understanding biblical oils.

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